Edition theme

2. The  inSPIRACJE creative photography festiva

The objective of the Festival is to get in touch with the artists and to find similar or common elements in their  standpoints and the ways in which they view the world. The interpretation of photographs in the context created by their authors enables their comparison; although not all creators  base their work directly on their personal life aspect, it turns out that the personal motives of creative photography authors are a very important  key to understanding it.

This year the invited guests are  Grzegorz Przyborek, Stanisław J. Woś and Robo KoČan; they will tell about their own inspirations and  they will present their recent projects. Also young creators, the graduates of photography schools from all over Poland will present their works. We will also host the Homeless Gallery, just as we did last year.

This year’s edition of inSPIRACJE looks promising: 21 vernissages, presentations, shows and concerts all of which will take place in just 4 days.

The event will start on March 30th and the exhibitions will be open to the public for 4 weeks.

I heartily invite you to visit the Festival.

Krzysiek KED Olszewski