Edition theme

3. The inSPIRACJE international visual arts festival / memories

A contemporary artist,  who is free to choose any medium, often includes the photography and its derivatives in his or her artistic expression. The photography can be just a quotation or it can become the main theme; indeed many great paintings have been created on the basis of documentary photography.

It seems to me that currently in the multi-media era the word photography sounds anachronic and it does not fully reflect the possibilities offered by this medium. 

What will happen with the photography then?

The photography has been occupying equal position among different branches of art for a number of years. It is not only a popular medium, but it also concentrates in itself different formal solutions and it presents unusual possibilities, which give the artists the opportunity to capture their subjective vision of the world and to treat about the main problems of art.

The inSPIRACJE 2007 Festival presents the penetration of photography into other branches of art: painting, sculpture, drawing, music, graphic design, film, literary arts. Therefore we are moving away from the name ‘the Festival of Photography’, since today there is no pure photography, pure painting or sculpture. The era of the division of art into specific media comes to an end and the intermedia art begins.


Each edition of the festival concentrates around a certain key theme. This year’s motto is  a widely interpreted notion of memory, which is also a certain umbrella unifying the works of the guest artists participating in the Festival: Jerzy Lewczyński, Lech Majewski, Tomek Sikora, Harald Scherz and Katharina Razumovsky from Vienna and Oliver Scholten from Berlin. 

InSPIRACJE 2007 consists of 30 exhibitions, including the presentations of works by well-known individual artists, the competition for young creators (we have chosen 20 projects from over 90 applications), film shows, meetings, workshops and lectures as well as accompanying events, such as concerts, happenings etc. Just like in the previous years we will host the Homeless Gallery, which will celebrate its 50th edition in Szczecin.

I heartily invite you to visit the Festival

Ked Olszewski