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The 5th International Festival of Visual Arts inSPIRACJE / space

The subject of this year's, fifth edition of inSPIRACJE is a broadly defined space. The word may be used in many meanings, one may speak of impossible, physical, mental, public, private or free space. Space perceived so that we will have the opportunity to see it in the artistic realisations within this edition of the Festival.

Works in public space are a great organisational challenge. We present a Big Sister hill of a Parisian artist Akroe, installations Prima II Matter of Sławomir Brzoska and Im_placement II by Katarzyna Majak and a few-metrelarge cursor of Google – by a Berliner Aram Bartholl, located in the real city centre, exactly in the place where after typing in the word Szczecin there appears a virtual cursor in a search engine. One will be able to travel around the city on a special tram, where the Spanish artistic group Platoniq will provide access to music and legal copying of chosen compositions onto any carrier.

Last year we decided to realise a curator project, and taking another step in this direction, we announced a competition also for this edition of the Festival, and from among the received propositions we have chosen a project of two curators: Karolina Jabłońska and Anka Leśniak entitled: Enter/Escape - how does painting shape new spaces? They are works of artists from a few generations, e.g. Wojciech Fangor , Leon Tarasewicz or Dominik Lejman.

Another project displayed within inSPIRACJE, is a group exhibition suggested by the curator Wodek All colours permitted as long as they don’t interfere with business, which consists of an interesting set of works presenting the culture of colour in everyday objects.

We have also invited to Szczecin two world-famous architects Carlo Ratti and Marc Tamschick, who specialise in interactive architecture and who presented their realisations at last year's Expo in Saragossa.

We will witness a multimedia experiment Towards Nirvana by Stefan Wojnecki, new technology for film space presented by Zbigniew Rybczyński and finally: a multimedia event NoTV Tulse Luper VJ Tour by Peter Greenaway.

To sum up: the programme of the 5th, jubilee edition of the Festival consists of works of 65 artists from 15 countries, most of which are new projects, often realised on location for the specific space.

Ked Olszewski

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