Topic of the edition

The 6th International Festival of Visual Arts inSPIRACJE / glamour

inSPIRACJE Festival profiles issues of modern art based upon a different leitmotif every year. In 2010 the festival will cover a set of works widely and unlimitedly dealing with the subject of glamour.

Glamour is literally the charm, glitter, splendour or something shiny, glittery, bright, radiant. Glamorous life is fulfilling surrealistic dreams, bringing us plenty of satisfaction. Glamour is a feature of today’s celebrities. Being glamour is being charming, splendid, glittering, famous and at the same time often exaggerated. Unreal glamour world presents its ideals via media. Splendour and the wish to enchant have become the most significant goal, and the means used to achieve it often happen to be pseudoartistic, totally deprived of style or even trashy. We may also wallow in the shiny splendour of glamour within the area of our houses.

What and who is glamour, what is unavailable and wonderfully, coquettishly golden? What makes us follow the fashion? Can anyone be glamour in the modern world, if only they want? Do we really need all that glitter?

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