Topic of the edition

The 7th International Festival of Visual Arts inSPIRACJE / paradise

The land of milk and honey, Arcadia...  The postmodernist paradise has not much to do with the archetypical Eden. In Paradise   flowery mandalas made by Gomulicki provoke with flowers and female models show off outfits by young but appreciated designers. A black angel evokes here blood-curdling images and through fresh greenery you can notice elements of used appliances. By a hand of a young artist a futuristic metropolis was created. During the nights we can forget ourselves at the Silent Disco. It’s a pity that all this things are so durable! It resembles 3D mapping of the performance of the Baltic Neopolis Orchestra conducted by Lukasz Gorewicz - wasn’t it inSPIRATIONAL? It’s like a lost paradise - when the 7th  edition of the inSPIRACJE Festival came to an end.

We are grateful to all out partners, sponsors and cooperating associations. Their numbers has been growing.

Thanks to the engagement of them all the inSPIRACJE Festival  is recognized in the whole of Poland and abroad. We also arise interest of the branch media.

This year’s edition is the next step forward. 40 artistic events were presented in two galleries: 13 Muz and Zona. The last one is a debutant.

I would also like to thank the over 90 volunteers who contributed to the efficient preparation and organization of the inSPIRACJE/Paradise Festival .

Remembering the last editions, we are busy to prepare for you Apocalipse . Be prepared for anything!

Rafał Roguszka