Topic of the edition

The 8th International Festival of Visual Arts inSPIRACJE / apocalypse

We are living in apocalyptic times, and increasingly other disasters, announcemented by the media causes global terror. The fall of humanity new disasters, some more and some less viable. Nothing, however, has an impact on our lives.

Now the whole world is faced with another economic crisis now, the economy and the ruinous consequences of bringing in personal tragedies. The waves of protests against the deepening of social stratification, lack of prospects and appetite of big corporations and banks from Europe spill outraged  by the United States occupying Wall Street.

Enhances the feeling of insecurity still run war on terror  launched after 11 September 2001, which bear the brunt of the physical effects of the inhabitants of Afghanistan and Iraq. Besides, this region is another source of unrest. All carefully look at whether Arab Spring  will bring a positive change, or rather in the spirit of dictatorships flourished Ruhollah al-Musawi al-Khomeini.

Complete picture of the absolute disaster coming epidemics and natural disasters caused by climate change. Humanity probably managed to temporarily halt the spread of AIDS, although people of Africa continue to be decimated by this disease. Lurking around the corner, but already the next epidemic, they were harbingers of avian and swine flu. Nature does not help people's lives by sending wave after wave of the tsunami, cases of flood or whirlwinds.

No wonder that people are increasingly terrified sees in all these events marks the coming end of the world. Prophet of the apocalypse has always lay in human nature, and each culture has its its vision. Is the year 2012, not covered in their entirety at the legendary Mayan calendar, the latter will in fact in the history?

It is hoped that it will be only as, and perhaps less disastrous as the previous years.