Theme of the 2013 edition

The inSPIRACJE Festival treats about the art-related issues, guided by a certain fundamental idea, which different each year. In 2013 the Festival shall cover a set of artistic activities and works, which shall interpret the concept of GENSIS in a different manner. This concept has been characterised by different approaches in specific periods.

On one hand, Genesis is the biblical beginning of the world, which is inevitably related to the creation of light and its separation from darkness, and on the other hand the condition of the separation of good from evil was in the age of Enlightenment in the 18th century considered the separation of truth from falseness.  Both the spiritual element and its manifestation as light and epiphany have been for centuries the focal point of considerations and the prerequisite for the creation of all types of visual arts.

The Festival programme shall include the works drawing on the meaning of the word Genesis and the creation of man as well as his birth as a culturally conscious being.  This could mean the aforementioned biblical beginnings, the detailed description of which can be found in the Book of Genesis, or the associations with Darwin’s theory of evolution.

In 2013 the artists shall face the ambiguity of the word creation, which reminds of the fight between reason and spirituality, the achievements of nature and the tradition of beliefs. A new idea has to appear after the revaluation of principles, which will become the generator of a new, yet unknown way of experiencing, a kind of a blackout, and the separation from the manner of perception known to date.