2016 Theme

11th Festival of Visual Arts inSPIRACJE 2016 / OXIDANE (Immersion 1)

 OXIDANE. On the fluid-empathetic side of life

 The theme of this year’s edition of inSPIRACJE Festival is OXIDANE, referring to the element of water, denoting the phenomenon of water’s energy, the symbolic and spiritual meanings that the phenomenon of fluidity carries. The essence of the Festival is opening reciprocal flux, diffusion, empathetic construction of a site of agreement for seemingly distant artistic assumptions. This idea is also mirrored in the curatorial conception of the Festival, or to be exact – in its two editions – the ones taking place this year and next year. Since they are a joint work of two curators, Lena Wicherkiewicz and Rob Garrett, they compose a thematic and ideological unity revolving around the element of water and air. This is why we join the two festivals with one subtitle – Immersion (this year’s edition, as the first in the order, bearing the number ‘1’). An integrated aspect also refers to the external influence of the Festival, as our object is to join it precisely and reciprocally with the city.  

The main exhibition, "OXIDANE. On the fluid-empathetic side of life", also refers to the mentioned integrated function. The author of the exhibition is Lena Wicherkiewicz, who presents the artworks of various generations, sensitivities, different interests and using diverse media. It is an artistic project that deals with some aspects of the nature of water element. It undertakes questions of the character of water matter and the phenomenon of fluidity, it touches the symbolic relations of water and the sphere of unconsciousness, the domain of femininity, renewal and purification, reflection, change, joining. The exhibition is constructed as the fluid space of agreement and experience – emotional, aesthetic, conceptual and psychic.  This is an exhibition of mainly polish artists, embracing older works (of Anna Buczkowska), renewals/reconstructions of previous works (of Koji Kamoji, Natalia Janus), new, but already presented realisations (of Ked Olszewski, Mark Angellini, Beata Ewa Białecka) and those that were prepared purposely for this exhibition and will be premiered during its opening (of Izabela Gustowska, Lena Szczesna, Izabela Żółcińska, Olga Wolniak, Bożka Rydlewska, Dorota Buczkowska and Anna Brudzińska). Reflecting the main theme, the exhibition will also have a fluid structure, moving and changing geography, with no specified centres, with no fight; it will be a space of subtly interpenetrating energies, visions, artistic propositions, immersing in experience. Fluid does not always mean mild – in the nature of water one can also find dark, unclear and disturbing circulations. 

The artists participating in the main exhibition "OXIDANE. On the fluid-empathetic side of life": Marco Angelini, Beata Ewa Białecka, Anna Brudzińska, Anna Buczkowska, Dorota Buczkowska, Izabella Gustowska, Dagmara Horab, Natalia Janus – Malewska, Koji Kamoji, Anna Konik, Artur Malewski, Ked Olszewski, Bożka Rydlewska, Lena Szczesna, Małgorzata Wielek – Mandrela, Olga Wolniak, Izabela Żółcińska.

As in the case of previous editions, also this year an integral part of the inSPIRACJE will be the Competition for Artists, held under the same theme "OXIDANE / Immersion 1". We highly encourage all the artists to deal with the aquatic element in its literal and metaphoric meaning: with the values and meanings of water matter, fluidity, fluxes, immersion in experience, in life, emotions, in the sense of unity with the world, in immersion in the media environment. 

 You will find more information about the Competition here