Competition exhibition IMMERSIONS - Grand Prix PALLADA INSURANCE

The exhibition of works selected during the competition for the 11. IFVA inSPIRACJE / OXIDANE.

mozaika konkursowa kopiuj

The Competition for Artists Exhibition is presented as an island, suspended in the flow of the museum; and patterned on one of the primary curatorial motifs for next year’s inSPIRACJE Festival, Szczecin’s own Grodzka Island.As you navigate your way around the ‘island’ of temporary walls in the middle of Muzeum Narodowe’s large hall your steps will echo the flows and eddies of the West Oder, Kanał Grodzki and Duńczyca. Encountering the art on these walls you may intuit certain zones or atmospheres that also correspond to the flows of Szczecin’s waterways, islands, city and people.The DEEP is populated by dark, mysterious and sometimes heavy works, arranged to face the sites of old industry, old myths and unseen undercurrents in the Duńczyca and on its shores. Here you will find the art of Judyta Bernaś and Martyna Jastrzębska; and shown separately in 13muz, but linked to this shore, the haunting animation work by Paweł Kleszczewski and Kasia Zimnoch.UPSTREAM, where the West Oder shares its flow with the Duńczyca, you will find echoes of the ways the city, its stones and its islands hold the lives around them, in ripples, reflections and oscillations. Here the works of Sonia Rammer, Julia Kurek, and Andreas and Niko Guskos are clustered.Along the West Oder where Grodzka Island faces the old town, things are FLOATING. Here is a zone of purifications, rituals, dream-like palimpsests, delicacy and beauty fantasies suggested by the works of Urszula Kluz-Knopek, Agata Szymanek, Weronika Lucińska and Diana Grabowska.

Judyta Bernaś / Oneness II, VIII, X

Anna Dybowska / Dream Book I, Dream Book II

Diana Grabowska / Head

Andreas Guskos & Niko Guskos / Ikonofag / Stones

Martyna Jastrzębska / Farewell

Paweł Kleszczewski & Kasia Zimnoch / Broken Tale

Urszula Kluz-Knopek / "Rivers are one of the rare, constant phenomenons in the world, in time, and in space"

Julia Kurek / Transition

Weronika Lucińska / Arctic (form the series: Icebergs)

Sonia Rammer / The story about the stones

Agata Szymanek / III, VIII

Agata Wolniewicz / Cichość