Wystawa Główna OKSYDAN

This year's main exhibition - "OXIDANE. On the fluid-empathetic side of life" is an element connecting the festival with the city of Szczecin. 

mozaika główna kopiuj

“Oksydan. Po płynno-empatycznej stronie życia” (Oksydan. On the fluid-empathetic side of life) is a contemporary art exhibition which takes as its guiding concept an engagement with of aspects of the nature of the element water. In particular, it tackles the nature of water as matter and the phenomena of its liquidity; and touches upon the symbolic union of water and the realm of the unconscious; the domain of femininity; and ideas of renewal and purification, reflection, transformation and connection. The project coheres around a therapeutic proposition that can be traced throughout the exhibition; specifically, water’s integrating and connecting power, experienced metaphorically and symbolically; and it is a proposition that allows viewers to experience and perceive a close relationship between various artistic ideas, quests, media and generations on this theme. The concept of water which unifies the exhibition also links it the special character that water has for Szczecin and its inhabitants, offering an increased openness and reciprocal flows of energy and interest. 

Marco Angelini / Water painings

Beata Ewa Białecka / Narcyz

Anna Brudzińska / Esencje natury IV

Anna Buczkowska / Płynący 

Dorota Buczkowska / Łza

Izabella Gustowska / Black Water

Dagmara Horab / Dysk

Natalia Janus – Malewska / Higiena

Koji Kamoji / Ciało

Anna Konik / Our Lady’s Forever

Artur Malewski / Foreigners

Ked Olszewski / Portrety potłuczone

Bożka Rydlewska / Ocean / Peruka

Lena Szczęsna / Aurora Borealis 

Małgorzata Wielek – Mandrela / Przebieranie włosami

Olga Wolniak / Transmisja

Izabela Żółcińska / Ebola / Indywidualny kombinezon ochrony biologicznej